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Are you looking for CRM software examples?

To optimize your customer relationship, the software market offers a very wide range of software products. It is easy to get lost in the meanders of this software panel, therefore we compared some of the best Customer Relationship Management software for you to choose the one that best fits your needs.

To evaluate their performance, we compared the different features they offer, their target audiences, and their main advantage, which could be the deciding factor when making a decision.

Below are some of the best CRM software examples on the market.

General ranking of CRM software

The following software are classified by alphabetical order:

Software Main Benefit
Eudonet CRM Suitable for a variety of sectors
Microsoft Dynamics 365 Integrated with Microsoft Office Suite
noCRM Boosts prospecting
Oracle CRM Very complete with a sales prediction tool
Salesforce Sales Cloud Innovative
Sellsy CRM & Support Client Simple and innovative CRM
Simple CRM Artificial intelligence that looks for the right prospects
Sugar CRM Open-source and customizable

Eudonet CRM adapts to your business

Accessible in local or SaaS mode, this CRM solution has been constantly evolving since its release. It can be used with training and support services to complete is coverage.

Marketing and data analysis

Adapted to business inputs, the marketing features are useful for companies that want to increase their turnover and include automated emails with personalized messages. Moreover, sales territories are identified by the software and can be valued according to needs. Automated reporting dashboards are available to have a precise overview of all your activities.


With this software, you can manage contacts according to predefined entries and duplicates are managed to avoid information silos and overloading the database. Eudonet CRM helps sales representatives have the right information at the right time and allows them to anticipate customer desires and expectations. Finally, Eudonet CRM can be used on the go to monitor sales progress and client information.

For which audience?

SMEs, local authorities, or large companies can access this platform without being overwhelmed by its plethora of features.

Eudonet’s advantages

 Its interfaces and functionalities are adapted to the needs of different types of companies and various professions.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 the GRC software integrated into the Office Suite

As its name suggests, Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a software developed by Microsoft that provides an effective customer relationship management solution through different functionalities.

Marketing and data analysis

With Microsoft Dynamics 365, you can develop an effective marketing strategy and create an individualized client-company relationship. It allows the generation and sending of messages containing automatic responses based on the customer’s actions. Workflow rules can be customized according to the generated requests and the needs of the company. E-mailing and faxing are carried out after customer targeting.

Sales documentation can be created and distributed using this software. It also provides analysis and monitoring of competition. With Microsoft Dynamics 365 you can monitor campaign performance with reports and weigh the cost/revenue ratio of each of your campaigns.

Sales aspect

Microsoft Dynamics 365 provides optimized management of customer and prospect data. Contact details and exchange histories are saved to analyze client-relationships. It is also possible to take into account preferences authorized by the customer (telephone contact, emailing…).

Microsoft Dynamics 365 manages duplicates to avoid biased analysis of information and not to overload your database. It also provides opportunity management by converting a prospect to a customer. And it offers a wide variety of features including quotations, order management, forecasting future sales, account management and contract management.

For which audience?

Microsoft Dynamics 365 software is ideal for small and medium-sized companies looking to reduce their costs while developing their image through process automation to optimize their services. There are three price offers to get this software. The rate is calculated per user and per month. A large number of users will reduce the overall price of using this software.

Microsoft Dynamics 365’s advantages

It is integrated into Office suite and offers is user-friendly. The Microsoft Dynamics 365 solution now goes beyond the sales module. CRM and ERP merge and offer functionalities:

  • Marketing
  • Customer service (after-sales service)
  • Field services (field use)
  • Project management automation, etc.

In this sense, the software is suitable for both VSEs and ETIs as well as large accounts.

noCRM gets your prospecting off the ground

noCRM is a community of more than 7,000 sales representatives in 80 countries worldwide. This business prospecting management software is designed for very small businesses and SMEs.

Simplicity at the heart of functionality

Do you want to create a business quickly and from any source? noCRM is your answer. You no longer have to enter dozens of data before you can create prospects files. With one click, create a prospect file from:

  • A LinkedIn page
  • A contact form
  • An email
  • A business card
  • A manual entry

Customize the solution to fit your sales process: 360-degree view, business progress, pipelines, sales steps, etc.

Don’t miss any more appointments with automatic appointment scheduling and reminder features.

Be more efficient with multiple integrations

The design of noCRM allows sales representatives to connect the solution with Quickbooks, G suite, Corporama, Factomos, Aircall or PieSync, for example. Save time to communicate internally or with your prospects, exchange documents, etc.

Integration with Zapier also provides indirect access to hundreds of applications, such as Asana, Trello, Slack, or MailChimp.

Connect your applications to simplify your processes and make your daily work easier.

An offer accessible to all companies

noCRM offers a pricing system that is adapted to all companies and their different needs. For the most modest budgets, there is a starter edition offer, ideal for microenterprises, and for bigger more advanced companies, there is an expert edition offer.

Whichever offer you choose, it is non-binding and can be cancelled at any time.

noCRM’s advantages

This CRM software is available in four languages: French, English, Spanish, and Portuguese. Support is also offered in each of these languages. This is a great asset for international companies or companies in the process of internationalization.

The software’s interface is sleek and clean, making it easy to use, both on the computer and on the mobile application.

Predict your sales with Oracle CRM

Oracle CRM is focused on customer relationship management and offers a truly comprehensive CRM solution. The latter allows marketing departments to develop and execute a multi-channel campaign.

Marketing and data analysis

It offers all common CRM functionalities such as mailing, e-mailing, faxing, but also provides the possibility to set up workflow rules and perform complete analyses. There are really very precise and advanced in order to have a sharp vision of the marketing actions carried out.


Here too, the software offers advanced contact management features for both customers and prospects. Duplicate management ensures that databases are updated without redundancy. Opportunity management invited the transformation of a prospect into a potential customer. Account and contract management are easy to use and can be quickly taken over.

Organization of documents and information

The documents are managed by the software and a history follow-up is readable in the form of a Gantt chart. The available electronic mailbox allows a quick and simplified exchange.

For which audience?

It is suitable for all company sizes because of its numerous easy to use functionalities. It also offers two prices of which you can choose from: the local software version and the SaaS version.

Oracle CRM’s advantages

Valuable analysis and a tool that provides sales predictions.

Salesforce Sales Cloud, the world leader in innovative CRM

Developing sales, building customer loyalty and opening up to new opportunities are the major assets of this marketing solution. The supplier of this software is based in San Francisco and is at the origin of cloud computing. He draws inspiration from international companies with whom he works to develop software that precisely meets their needs.

In order to create a privileged contact with its customers, Salesforce Sales Cloud creates personalized and targeted emails based on customer profiles. Based on undivided workflow rules, it allows the response sent to be adapted according to the action taken by the consumer. Through smarter customer service, it helps you respond more quickly and accurately to user requests. The analyses and statistics it develops evaluate the effectiveness of your campaigns, demographic data, and create customized graphs.


Contact management is carried out by an automatically updated database with the possibility for the customer to modify his information online. You will have the possibility to consult the data of customers and prospects in lists segmented according to the selected criteria. A utility to merge accounts and contacts eliminates potential duplicates. With a follow-up of data on customers and prospects, you will have clear visibility on the opportunities and actions to be implemented.

The software also invites you to prioritize accounts with the possibility of sponsorship, but also access to a detailed history of exchanges between the customer and the company.

Organization of documents and information

With Salesforce, your documents are organized according to different criteria and you can exchange via Outlook, but also define personalized alerts. Attachments can be added to illustrate a point or give more information to a collaborator.

For which audience?

Salesforce offers a wide range of services for companies of all sizes. The handling of the service is easy and clear. You do not need to be a computer professional to understand how it works.

Subscriptions rates are also decreasing according to the number of users per month. You will find offers ranging in various prices allowing access to more or less advanced features depending on the solution chosen.

Salesforce’s advantages

Very innovative software solution and the possibility of being part of a very diverse community offering many tips and relevant comments.

Sellsy CRM & Customer Support, the most intuitive CRM

Sellsy CRM and Customer Support at a glance

Sellsy CRM & Customer Support is a French CRM primarily aiming at very small and medium-sized businesses that want to manage their customer relations, generate quality leads and collaborate easily with a single solution.

This CRM software also allows integration with your tools thanks to its APIs and connectors: Google suite, Dropbox, Slack, Mailchimp, Zapier, Paypal, etc.

The Sellsy mobile application extends your mobile business: you manage your projects and anticipate the needs of your prospects from anywhere on your smartphone.

Advanced functionalities

CRM and customer relationship management

Sellsy is available in several modules. The commercial management module includes:

  • contact and customer management,
  • centralized and collaborative email management,
  • the follow-up of customer histories,
  • document management (quotations, invoices, document models, etc.),
  • the pricing grids,
  • monitoring of receipts, etc.

Customer service

Sellsy CRM & Customer Support has the advantage of including customer support features directly in its customer relationship management solution. We’re holding back:

  • the follow-up of incidents (tickets),
  • ticket history by customer,
  • various ticket creation modes,
  • standardized response templates, etc.

Sellsy’s advantages

Sellsy offers ergonomics to support your productivity. Your customer relationship management is made easier by Sellsy’s pleasant interface and easy navigation. In addition, Sellsy’s teams are always at your disposal to assist you in the implementation of the tool within your company, from understanding your needs to training your employees in the tool. Sellsy is very professional with its customers.


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