The Arctic University of Norway (UIT)

  1. Details on the school

The Arctic University of Norway is the university located in the northern in the world. It is located right in the edge of the Arctic towards the mission of the school in helping students explore global issues in clear and more specific terms.

  1. Teaching and research

Life in the Arctic regions is shaped by wild nature, the opposite of the light weather, geographical and multicultural location, many research centers and UIT curriculum reflects the particular natures of this area.

The main researches of the UIT is typically focused on the polar environment, climate research, indigenous people, the current conflict and peace, telemedicine, biomedicine, space physics, fisheries science and exploration of marine biology, linguistics and computational chemistry.

  1. The international community

The school has 12,000 students and 2,700 academic staffs and working at the school. Its teaching work is often focused on research. 7 faculties besides training programs related to the issue of the North, now they are offered diverse and rich programs. The school has a learning community with a high international diversification. More than 20% of the teaching staff and 10% of the students come from abroad. The University offers more than 20 master programs taught in English, and all faculties are trained programs in English at undergraduate and master.

The school is a founding member of the University of the North, an international network with more than 140 educational institutions and research in the polar region. However, the school is also cooperated with all other parts of the world. 200 international treaties were signed to ensure the exchange of students and school personnel with global partners taken place regularly.